NEVADA Valley of Fire (09-1160)

Our gallery in the Sheraton is usually open from 12pm-7pm Mon-Sat but we can meet anytime including evenings and Sundays.

Please call or text 709-687-9805, or email

Our prices have been the same since 2020. We did not change them during covid, or afterwards.
We are happy to be celebrating 48 years in business.


Left column: FRAMED sizes and prices include framing. See tabs below. Right column: UNFRAMED (giclee only) sizes and prices.

Our prints are signed, dated and finished with our exclusive “Galleria” laminate, a clear, durable satin acrylic permanently bonded to the surface.  They look spectacular and the colours are very rich.

They are framed without glass, like an oil painting. You may order unframed, but our framing prices are really very competitive. We use seamless white or off-white liners with a gold or white lip, and furniture finish wood mouldings.  They look very classy and elegant.

When we receive your order, we will call you.  We will discuss your framing preferences and frame your picture as you tell us. If you want, we can then e-mail you a “picture of your framed picture” for your final approval.  You will see your final product before it leaves our gallery.

Please note that prices are in CANADIAN dollars.  Sizes of framed pictures are overall sizes including the frame.